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"We love to garden, and from this passion, Twice-Touched Treasures was born! It started as a hobby creating wreaths, topiarys, sprays and garlands from our garden and from the sentimental flowers of family and friends. Fifteen years later we have grown into a thriving family business, preserving Bridal Bouquets, corsages, new baby flowers, anniversary, valentine and birthday bouquets, and memorial arrangements.

Couples invest a large portion of their wedding budget in flowers that are enjoyed for only one special day. Our service offers the opportunity to save the beauty of your bridal flowers in a lovely keepsake at a reasonable price.

We can preserve the bouquet exactly as it was carried down the aisle, as an heirloom in a domed frame, table dome, table box, shadowbox, or keepsake box, or we can create a decorative arrangement for your home [a wreath, a spray, a garland, a topiary, etc]

Lovely gifts can be created from additional bridal flowers such as kissing balls, pressed floral pictures, tussie mussies, pot pourri and sachets.

Keep in mind that every arrangement is unique, depending on the flowers that have been selected and the decorating style of the owner. Your arrangement is only limited to your imagination!

Because each arrangement is unique and you have so many different options available, it is best to browse the website and then give us a call or email for prices and questions.

We ship arrangements all over the country. Simply overnight your flowers to us in a damp paper towel and plastic-lined box, and we will ship the finished arrangement back in about 6 weeks.

If you are in the San Diego area, I highly recommend that you make an appointment to see our work and discuss your special floral vision. 'First Touched by Nature, Then Touched with Love' says it all!"

Twice-Touched Treasures
Floral Preservation
1401 El Norte Parkway #132
San Marcos, CA 92069


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