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Flowers — The Language of Love

"Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination."     Voltaire

We are so fortunate to get to spend our days surrounded by beautiful flowers coming and going, and meeting the sentimental folks who accompany them. Every arrangement is personal and unique to the individual who selects the flowers, telling us a story about their tastes and sensitivities. Since Victorian days special meanings have been attached to flowers. Bouquets were even created from flowers associated with the letters in a loved one's name. Such as tulips, orchids, daisies, and daffodils dedicated to a Groom named Todd.
Acacia — Friendship, Chaste love. Concealed love,
Acacia — Beauty in retirement.
Acorn — Nordic symbol of life and immortality.
Agapanthus — Love Letters.
Alyssum, Sweet — Worth beyond beauty.
Allium — Humility, Unity, Patience.
Alstroemeria — Prosperity, Wealth, Fortune.
Amaranth — Unfading love.
Amaryllis — Pride, Beauty.
Ambrosia — Your love is reciprocated.
Anemone — Anticipation, Expectation.
Arbutus — Thee only do I love.
Aster — Star-like, Afterthought.
Astilbe — I'll still be waiting.
Azalea — Love, Romance, Fragile passion, First love,
Azalea — Take care of yourself for me, Temperance,
Azalea — Chinese symbol of womanhood.
Baby's Breath — Innocence, Pure Heart, A new life.
Bachelor's Button — Delicacy, Felicity, Single blessedness.
Basil — Best wishes.
Bells of Ireland — Good luck.
Begonia — Beware.
Bittersweet — Truth.
Bluebell — Humility.
Cactus — Endurance.
Calceolaria — I offer you my fortune.
Caladium — Great joy and delight.
Calla Lily — Magnificent Beauty.
Camellia — Perfection.
Camellia, Pink — Longing for you.
Camellia, Red — You're a flame in my heart.
Camellia, White — You're adorable.
Candytuft — Indifference.
Carnation — Fascination, Woman's love.
Carnation, Solid Color — Yes.
Carnation, Pink — I'll never forget you.
Carnation, Purple — Capriciousness.
Carnation, Red — My heart aches for you, Admiration.
Carnation, Striped — Sorry I can't be with you,
Carnation, Striped — Wish I could be with you.
Carnation, White — Innocence, Sweet and lovely,
Carnation, White — Pure love, Woman's good luck gift.
Carnation, Yellow — Rejection, You have disappointed me.
Chrysanthemum — Cheerfulness, You're a wonderful
Chrysanthemum — friend, Abundance, Luck, Hope,
Chrysanthemum — Constancy, A long life.
Chrysanthemum, Red — I Love.
Chrysanthemum, White — Truth.
Chrysanthemum, Yellow — Slighted love.
Clover — Good luck, Be mine.
Coral Bells — Challenge.
Coreopsis — Always cheerful.
Cosmos — Harmonious whole, Modesty.
Cowslip — Winning grace.
Crocus — Cheerfulness, Youthful gladness.
Croton — Exotic.
Cyclamen — Resignation, Goodbye.
Daffodil — Devotion, You're the only one, Regard, Chivalry.
Dahlia — Instability.
Daisy — Loyal love, Innocence, I'll never tell, Purity,
Daisy — The Day's Eye.
Dandelion — Happiness, Faithfulness.
Delphinium — Faith.
Dogwood — Love undiminished by adversity.
Eucalyptus — Modesty.
Fennel — Love of praise.
Fern — Sincerity, Fascination, Magic, Confidence, Shelter.
Fern, Maiden Hair — Secret bond of love.
Fir — Time.
Flax — Domestic symbol.
Forget-Me-Not — True love, Memories.
Forsythia — Anticipation, Good nature, Innocence.
Foxglove — Insincerity.
Freesia — Innocence.
Galax — Encouragement.
Gardenia — Femininity, You're lovely, Secret love.
Garlic — Courage, Strength.
Gerbera Daisy — Beauty.
Geranium — Gentility.
Geranium, Ivy — Bridal favor.
Gladiolus — Strength of character, Sword of love, Generosity.
Gloxinia — Love at first sight.
Golden Rod — Encouraging.
Grass — Submission.
Greenery — Of the earth.
Heather — Intimacy.
Heather, Lavender — Admiration, Solitude.
Heather, White — Protection, Wishes will come true.
Helitrope — Devotion, A person's faithfulness.
Hibiscus — Delicate Beauty.
Holly — Foresight, Defense, Domestic happiness.
Hollhock — Ambition.
Honeysuckle — Affection, Devotion.
Hyacinth — Games, Sports, Rashness,
Hyacinth — Flower dedicated to Apollo.
Hyacinth, Blue — Constancy.
Hyacinth, Purple — Please forgive me, Sorrow.
Hyacinth, Red or pink — Play.
Hyacinth, White — Loveliness, I'll pray for you.
Hyacinth, Yellow — Jealousy.
Hydrangea — Understanding.
Iris — Faith, Wisdom, Passion, Emblem of France,
Iris — Wisdom and Valor, My compliments,
Iris — Your friendship means so much to me.
Ivy — Fidelity, Wedded love, Friendship, Affection.
Jasmine — Transport of Joy.
Jonquil — Sympathy, Love me, Affection returned, Desire.
Juniper — Everlasting.
Kalanchoe — Popularity.
Lady's Mantle — Fashion.
Larkspur — Levity.
Lavender — Devotion.
Lilac — Humility, first feelings of love, Innocence.
Lily, Day — Coquetry, Chinese emblem for mother.
Lily, Eucharis — Maiden charms.
Lily, Tiger — Wealth, Pride.
Lily, White — Purity, Virginity, Majesty,
Lily, White — It's heavenly to be with you.
Lily, Yellow — I'm walking on air!, False and gay.
Lily of the Valley — Sweetness, Humility,
Lily of the Valley — Tears of the Virgin Mary,
Lily of the Valley — You've made my life complete,
Lily of the Valley — Return to happiness.
Love-In-A-Mist — Perplexity.
Magnolia — Love of nature, Nobility.
Maidenhair Fern — Discretion.
Marigold — Prediction, Grief.
Marjoram — Blushes, Mirth.
Mimosa — Sensitiveness.
Mint — Virtue.
Mistletoe — Affection, Magic plant of the Druids,
Mistletoe — Kiss me, To surmount difficulties,
Mistletoe — Sacred plant of India.
Monkshood — Chivalry, Beware, A deadly foe is near.
Moss — Maternal love, Charity.
Myrtle — Home, Love, Hebrew emblem of marriage.
Narcissus — Egotism, Formality, Stay as sweet as you are.
Nasturtium — Conquest, Patriotism, Victory in battle.
Oats — Witching soul of music.
Oleander — Caution.
Orange Blossom — Eternal love, Purity, Innocence,
Orange Blossom — Marriage, Fertility.
Orchid — Beautiful lady, Refinement, Love, Beauty,
Orchid — Chinese symbol for many children.
Orchid, Cattleya — Mature charm.
Ox-Eye Daisy — Patience.
Palm Leaves — Victory, Success.
Pansy — Thoughts.
Parsley — Festivity.
Pea, Everlasting — An appointed meeting.
Peach Blossom — I am your captive.
Peony — Bashfulness.
Peppermint — Warmth of feeling.
Periwinkle — Pleasant memories.
Petunia — Your presence sooths me.
Phlox — Our souls are united.
Pine — Hope, Compassion.
Pinks — Pure and ardent love.
Poppy — Eternal sleep, Oblivion, Imagination.
Poppy, Red — Pleasure
Poppy, White — Consolation [Poppy is the floral sign of
Poppy, White — consolation probably because it was
Poppy, White — created by "Ceres" while in search of her
Poppy, White — daughter, Prosperina, to assuage her
Poppy, White — grief]
Poppy, Yellow — Wealth, Success.
Primrose — I can't live without you, Early youth.
Primrose, Evening — Ever changing.
Queen Anne's Lace — Haven.
Quince — Temptation.
Ranunculus — You are radiant with charm.
Rose, Bridal — Happy Love.
Rose, Christmas — Tranquilize my anxiety, Anxiety.
Rose, Damask — Persian Ambassador of Love.
Rose, Leaf — You may hope.
Rose, Red — Love, Respect, I love you.
Rose, Tea — I'll remember Always.
Rose, Thornless — Love at First Sight.
Rose, Yellow — Joy, Friendship.
Rose, White — Purity, Innocence, Secrecy,
Rose, White — I am worthy of you, You're heavenly,
Rose, White — Silence.
Rose, White-Red — Unity, Flower Emblem of England.
Rose, Pink — Grace, Perfect Happiness, Thankfulness.
Rose, Lavender — Enchantment.
Rose, Peach — Desire.
Rosebud — Beauty and Youth, A heart innocent of love.
Rosebud, Red — Pure and lovely.
Rosebud, White — Girlhood.
Rose Moss — Confessions of Love.
Roses, Bouquet of Mature Blooms — Gratitude.
Roses, Single Full Bloom — I love you, I still love you.
Roses, Garland or Crown of — Reward of Merit.
Roses, Musk Cluster — Charming.
Rosemary — Remembrance.
Sage — Domestic virtue.
Smilax — Loveliness.
Snapdragon — Gracious Lady, Presumption.
Sorrel — Affection.
Spearmint — Warmth of sentiment.
Spider Flower — Elope with Me.
Spirea — Victory, Conceit.
Spruce — Hope.
Star of Bethlehem — Purity.
Statice — Remembrance, Sympathy.
Stephanotis — Happiness in marriage, Desire to travel.
Stock — Lasting beauty, Bonds of affection, Promptness,
Stock — You'll always be beautiful to me.
Sunflower — Adoration.
Sweet Basil — Good wishes.
Sweet Pea — Delicate pleasures, Good-bye, Departure,
Sweet Pea — Blissful pleasure, Thank you for a lovely time.
Thyme — Activity.
Tuberose — Graceful beauty.
Tulip — Perfect lover, Fame, Flower Emblem of Holland.
Tulip, Red — Believe me, Declaration of Love.
Tulip, Variegated — Beautiful eyes.
Tulip, Yellow — There is sunshine in your smile.
Tulip, Violet-Blue — Watchfulness, Faithfulness,
Tulip, Violet-Blue — I'll always be true.
Tulip, White — Let's take a chance.
Veronica — Faithfulness.
Valerian — Accommodating disposition.
Violet, White — Modesty.
Vinca — Affirmation.
Viscaria — Will you dance with me?
Wallflower — Fidelity in misfortune.
Water lily — Purity of heart.
Waxflower — Susceptibility.
Weeping Willow — Mourning.
Wheat — Friendliness.
Wheat Stalk — Prosperity.
Yarrow — Healing, Solace.
Yew — Sadness.
Zinnia — Thoughts of absent friends.
Zinnia, Magenta — Lasting affection.
Zinnia, Mixed — Thinking [or in Memory]
Zinnia, Mixed — of an absent friend.
Zinnia, Scarlet — Constancy.
Zinnia, White — Goodness.
Zinnia, Yellow — Daily Remembrance.

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